So, about me. Hmm…I sort of fell in to community management about 10 years ago when I was working in “dotcom 1.0”. The role had barely been discovered let alone understood. And yet, as I would chat strangers up online, ask about their day, get them to talk about relevant topics, I discovered not only was this a great way to learn more about our users, but that I was GOOD at it.

I started lobbying for clients to really listen to what we knew-writing reports, demanding meeting times to tell them what to do to reach out to their audience. I fell in love with the job and have never looked back.

As for my personal life, I’m married to an amazing man, have two four-legged furry children, love music, and hanging out with friends to discuss movies. I’ve embraced my inner dork, geek out at cooking supply stores, and warmly and lovingly watch B-grade horror movies with a passion that rivals Ed Wood.

I believe that educators should be paid like doctors and that acupuncture should be treated with as much respect as western medicine.

Thanks for reading!

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