Don’t shoot the messenger!

August 29, 2010

so last night I turned 40. Strange feeling, really. On the one hand there is this feeling that by 40 you should have all your shit together, right? Know who you are, have a handle on life. Then there’s reality. NOBODY has their shit together. Period. And life does not fit in to a nice neat little package. Not at 20, not at 40. But one thing that I realize is that by this age, all I want is to continue getting older (as opposed to the opposite of getting older–death) alongside my husband, continue being as healthy as I can, and enjoy my cats and career as much as possible. Everything else, is gravy.

That being said, as I was sitting in the nice little bar where my husband put together a very sweet party to celebrate with our friends, I had a conversation with a great colleague about the misunderstandings community folks STILL have to deal with in our jobs.

In many ways, we are hired for our expertise in the field. Then when we have to explain why THEIR great marketing/event/advertising/message isn’t going to work in the social media spectrum, nobody wants to listen. Or they think we are making up the nightmare scenarios that we know in our hearts will inevitably happen.


So what is a social media expert to do? I certainly have no magic answer, but I do know that in the past, I’ve been told that when someone gives you crap idea that you KNOW will tank, best thing to do is say “wow, that’s an interesting idea, let’s think on how we can make that work to make sure that it won’t end up bad, because of this…”


Easier said than done. But, we continue to fight the good fight. And until our expertise is respected both for the good news AND the bad, at least we have each other 🙂


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