“Ohh I get it!” What is a community manager?

March 1, 2010

Okay, so first things first. Here is what a Community Manager does.  I usually like to break it down in to 3 categories: Engagement, Safety, Support. Don’t worry, I’m only tackling the first category on this post 😉

Engagement-yep, that’s what I said. I know, it sounds like I am in some constant state of pre-marital bliss, but trust me that’s not what it is. Think of Julie from the TV show-“THE LOVE BOAT”. On the show, It was Julie’s job to have activities planned for all those B-grade celebrities that eventually showed up on board.  Julie spoke to the guests on a first-name basis, knew their likes and dislikes, and could even predict what sorts of activities each bad TV actor would want to do.  (my apologies to any A-grade actors that guest-starred on the show :P)

This is what we mean when we use the term “engagement”. We engage the players/users/audience in some sorts of product-relevant activities. We get to know our players by playing with them, hanging out, chatting, and basically having a smile on our face even when things may not be going well. We are the party planners and the clean-up crew all in one.

When community folks engage, they may do it in several ways; for example:

  • chat up a new user
  • invite people to parties
  • start a new topic on a message board
  • listen to new ideas from a player
  • encourage guests to share their ideas with staff
  • implement guest ideas/topics within the game or community

 When you speak to most community professionals, they will say that this is their favourite part of the job because you get to chat with your users and get to know them. also, who doesn’t love a party? And if you are the reason a party is a success, how cool is that?

So that is what Engagement means. It’s fun, but also can be exhausting. It’s easy to see the rewards in this portion of the job because you are in the middle of the fun and get to experience it first-hand. It’s also very simple to know when something goes down like a lead balloon. If everyone is complaining about the topic on the message board, or everyone complains about the party being a dud, you can change up your tactics on a dime.

Does anyone have any questions on this topic? Let me know…

And until next time-byeeeeee!


One Response to ““Ohh I get it!” What is a community manager?”

  1. Mick Mc Says:

    Really nice blog, honey. I hope I can learn a little bit more about what you spend your days doing. I guess it’s not just BSing with kids, huh? Anyway, nicely put together – nice color scheme, etc.
    See you tomorrow.


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